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Can I do couples therapy and sex therapy together?

YES! Many clients experiencing sexual difficulties, also have difficulties in their relationship. It’s possible to explore sex therapy and couples therapy together, in the same session with our trained therapists. Our sex therapist and couples therapists explain how sex therapy and couples therapy complement each other.

Good sex needs good discussions about sex

Good sex starts with talking about your needs in a safe and constructive way for many clients the barrier to great sex is that they’ve never actually talked about their sex lives with their partner. The communication has broken down meaning that needs don’t get expressed let alone met. In couple sex therapy we can support you to re-establish communication practices so that you can also talk about sex as a couple, ongoing, once therapy ends.

Sex often starts with emotional connection

Connected sex that makes you feel good requires excellent emotional connection and intimacy. Couples sex therapy can re-establish what you need to feel connected and intimate, as a precursor for a great sexual relationship. By diving into what makes you feel loved, we often find pathways toward physical intimacy and also open up willingness to explore sexually together again.

Conflict kills your sex life

If you’re always fighting, there’s a high chance you don’t want to be intimate with your partner. Great sex requires us to feel safe and close. Fighting prevents us from being able to be vulnerable, and sexuality is as vulnerable as it gets. Couple sex therapy can support you to better address conflict within the relationship so that intimacy isn’t derailed by big blow ups. When you feel safe and conflict is manageable, we feel safe to open up sexually too.

In couples sex therapy we can support you with both your sexual and relationship goals. It is possible to address both couples issues and sexual difficulties in the same session, in fact these issues often go hand-in-hand and our counselling work addresses both.


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