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Couples Counselling | Couples Therapy | Couples Therapist

Couples Therapy

Love your partner again

You deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your relationships.

Research shows us that talking about your relationship, improves your relationship.

Through couples therapy, our couples therapists can help you to strengthen your relationship, or to understand your own relationship patterns.

Couples counselling supports couples in difficult times, couples wanting to regain connection, or partners looking to separate or co-parent respectfully.

Couples counselling or relationship therapy can be done as a couple, grouping, or by yourself. We also support platonic partners and friends.

We can help you with...

  • Communication breakdowns

  • Poor conflict patterns

  • Improving the sexual relationship

  • Libido differences

  • Sexual needs exploration

  • Sexual betrayals/changing sexual needs

  • Understanding your relationship patterns

  • Communicating your relationship needs

  • Stuck issues and fair negotiation

  • Extended family issues

  • Improving trust

  • Healthy co-parenting

  • Separation and divorce

  • Finding love after divorce or death

  • Decisions around ending or starting relationships

  • Ethical non-monogamy

  • Getting the spark back

  • Repairing the connection

  • Increasing emotional support

  • Exploring your relationship needs

  • Counselling before marriage or pre-marital

  • Being ok being single

  • Creating romance

  • Infidelity and affairs

  • Separation counselling

  • Falling back in love

  • Parenting as a team

  • Blending families

  • Step parenting

  • Learning from past relationships

  • Repairing lost friendship

  • And more…

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