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But here are our fees.


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Therapy by yourself - one person, any issue

$180 per session

Concession rate - $160 - with valid concession card.

  • Can be used for all kinds of therapy for one person - sex therapy, relationship therapy, trauma therapy and family violence support. 

Therapy with more than one person - couples/families/friends/groups/polycule

$220 per session

Concession rate - $200 - with valid concession card.

  • Can be used for couples therapy, counselling, family therapy or sex therapy.

All sessions are 50 minutes in duratio

Fees are in Australian dollars.
Please note that we can not use Mental Health Care Plans (MHCP) under Medicare.  

Cancellation fees are 50% of the session fee if less than 24hrs notice is given.

How much does sex therapy and couples counselling usually cost in Australia? 

Sex Therapy is a specialisation and can cost between $150 - $280 per session. Couples therapy counselling and family therapy generally costs between $180 - $300 per session. Couples counselling and Family Therapy is never offered via Medicare and is not bulk billed by any therapist in Australia. 

How do you keep your costs affordable?  

We offer experienced, best-practice therapy at an affordable rate.  To keep our costs as low as we can for our clients, we operate online with secure video and telephone counselling services, and have streamlined our practice to offer affordable options. In person counselling can cost up to $100 more than online counselling, so we save you the costs by operating online.

Is online counselling as good as face-to-face? 

Online counselling feels just like you're in a room with the therapist, but you don't have to find parking and fight traffic to get there. You are welcome to attend from the same or different locations via secure video link. ​You can go for a walk during your session, cook dinner, grab a coffee, sit in a park on your lunch break, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Couples therapy counselling from the comfort of your own home cuts travel time, saves costs and saves on babysitters. We offer evening sessions and after hours options at the same rate. Lunch time sessions available. More information on online counselling is available here.

What if my circumstances are difficult and I can't afford the fee?  

If you are experiencing financial family violence, are from a marginalised background, or are struggling with access due to financial difficulties, please contact us for options. 

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