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Sex therapy fears answered

Sex therapy can be incredibly scary for new clients. Many clients don’t know what to expect going into sex therapy, which can lead to avoidance, fear and anxiety. Our Sex Therapists will address some of your biggest fears for coming into sex therapy.

Will you ask me to demonstrate?

Sex therapy is a talk-based counselling service. We will definitely ask you questions about sexuality, but we will never ask you to demonstrate anything sexually. You will keep your clothes on and so do we!

Will you ask me embarrassing questions?

Sex therapy does require us to do a sexual health history inquiry – where we do ask you questions about sex like ‘when did you first hear about sex?’ ‘what were your first experiences with sex like?'. We are experts at knowing what your comfort level is around these questions, and will ease you into any tricky questions only when you’re ready. You’re also allowed to say you don’t want to answer a question about sex – that’s totally up to you.

What if my partner is there and I’m embarrassed to talk about sex?!

If you’re nervous answering questions about sex in front of your partner, we also offer individual counselling sessions where you can have your sexual health history taken in private. We will never ask you how many sexual partner’s you’ve had in front of your partner, or if they’re good in bed!

What if I don’t want to be a sex god/goddess/god-thing?

There is no right answer to what sexuality should look like. As sex therapists, we support your idea of sexuality, whatever you define that to be is up to you. We will never ask you to meet any sexual standards aside from the ones you set for yourself. It’s totally ok to be not interested in sex, or not too keen to go to sex therapy. Not everyone is fascinated by sexuality, and that’s ok, we will support you in a judgemental way.

Have any fears around sex therapy? Please feel free to email us and we will put your mind at ease.


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