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Tricks from couples therapy that successful couples use

Check in with your relationship

If you’re waiting for couples therapy sessions to even talk about your relationship, it’s a sign you’re in trouble. Healthy couples talk about their relationship. They talk often, they talk openly, and then talk regularly for the rest of their relationship.

Focus on what you can improve

Focusing on your part in the equation and what you can do is a critical approach toward couples therapy success. Successful couples in healthy relationships reflect inward and own up for their own piece, which disarms their partner and encourages self-reflection in them.

Don’t forget your strengths

We know based on the research into couples therapy that couples who focus on the strengths, end up with a more balanced perspective, and more longstanding results. Try not to get bogged down in all the negative and issues, and have a more balanced objective approach. A couples therapist will take this approach with you in session, addressing both the strengths and weaknesses together. When we are emotionally invested it’s difficult to be objective, but objectivity allows us to see the big picture, and ultimately find solutions.

If you want more tips for relationship success, our couples therapists are available for couples counselling therapy.


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