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Tips to make sex therapy work

Sex therapy is an incredibly valuable tool to improve sexual pleasure, resolve sexual differences and overcome sexual difficulties. We explore some tips for getting the most out of your sessions.

Adopt a teenager mindset

The idea of talking about the intimate details of your sex life through sex therapy can be incredibly scary for many. The fear and intensity of the topic of sex – often creates a barrier to enjoyment. We ask our clients to adopt a teenager mindset – be curious, be open – shift your mindset from fear to fun.

Spend time on sensuality

If you want to improve your sex life, you need to get to know your sexual self. Spend time re-connecting with what makes you feel good and sexy. Invest time outside of your session to focus on increasing your connection with your body, your understanding of yourself and what makes you as a person tick. This knowledge will greatly benefit your sexual self-awareness.

Be blame and judgement free

Try not to hold your partner with blame and judgement if they’ve done something you hold sexually taboo. The blame and judgement is likely to cause shame and avoidance for your partner. The dynamic of blame and judgement vs shame and avoidance – does not a wonderful sex life make. Try to be curious and open-minded about understanding each other’s sexual needs. If you’re attending for yourself, be kind to you – don’t judge yourself for your experiences. Being kind and compassionate is the key to connection and intimacy – which often leads to excellent sex.

By applying these tips - you can get the most out of your sex therapy sessions.


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