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Sex therapy: Sex therapist busts sex myths

There is so much misinformation out there about sex – sex therapist and sexologists busts common myths about sexuality.

Men want sex more than women

MYTH: this myth is absolutely incorrect. Sexual appetite has very little to do with your genitalia and more to do with how good the sex is. As famous sex educator Emily Nagoski puts it – ‘Pleasure is the measure’ – not what’s in your undergarments. All genders can have strong/low interest in sex, and it’s a myth that certain genders just aren’t interested in sex. There are some gender differences in sexual peaks depending on age, but again the research shows us that sexual interest is more about the sex we have than the physical characteristics of our bodies.

Humans have a sex drive

MYTH: You don’t need sex like you need food, sleep, water. Their eggplant won’t fall off if they don’t release every X days. If we had an urgent pressing need for sex that must be satisfied or else we die, imagine how dangerous the world would be. Sex drive is dead in sexology, we do refer to sexual desire – and we know that there are two key types of sexual desire and nope they are not low vs high. In sex therapy we can support you to break down the idea that you have a ‘low sex drive’ and start exploring your sexual desire in greater detail.

If you’re ready to have sex, your body will show so

MYTH: Some people can be incredibly ready to have sex, but their bodies just don’t match the mind. We call this arousal non-concordance – when the brain is ready for sex, but the body isn’t. You can also experience genital arousal without being ready to have sex – any many who has ever done a prostate exam will give testament to that. How confusing is this!? If you’re experiencing arousal non-concordance – please reach out we can support you in sex therapy.

If you feel like you’re confused about what’s ‘normal sexually, or that you’re stuck trying to find out what’s right or wrong – please book in for sex therapy and we can support you to find the answers.


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