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Sex therapy answers to - am I ‘normal’?

Am I normal? - If we had a dollar for every time we heard this question... we would be funding better sex education so people had the answer earlier in their lives! Many people are living with the shame of feeling abnormal or that there's something wrong with their perfectly normal sexual bodies. We are here to dispel some of these fears and normalise common experiences that come up in sex therapy.

I no longer want sex as much as I used to

YES you’re normal. Our desire for sex can change across our lifetime, during the day, and according to the situation. Our sexual desires are actually rarely in sync with our partner, and it’s incredibly common for couples to attend sex therapy with mismatched libido. Increasing your desire and finding pathways to arousal can be explored in sex therapy.

Can all sexes ejaculate?

YES it’s normal for all body types to release fluid when engaging in sex. Some people with vaginas will experience a form of ejaculation. The research is still underway around what exactly causes this, but it’s likely due to glands within the body, rather the bladder i.e. it's probably not pee. Sex therapy can support you to feel more comfortable with your body during sex.

I can’t orgasm.

YES it’s really common and normal for people to struggle to reach climax. It’s also really common for people to be able to orgasm alone, but not with a partner. Yes you’re normal, but yes you can also explore how you can orgasm by yourself and with a partner, through sex therapy.

If you’re struggling with feeling ‘normal’ around sex, please reach out for sex therapy, we are more than happy to bust the myths and support you to feel more engaged and in control of your own sexuality.


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