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Can you trust and love again after an affair?

There is nothing more heartbreaking than having the world change in a moment. Finding out that your partner had an affair severs the relationship in a way that often feels unrepairable for many couples.

Often the partner who found out struggles to find trust in their partner. Intimacy seems entirely impossible, and the prospect of feeling safe again has been lost. The partner that had the affair, often experiences deep shame that’s hard to shift, and an impossible desire to fix feels impossible.

Despite the strain, couples often still hold a deep desire to move forward, but lack the direction, methods and tools to repair after such a rupture. Cheating is often high on the list of no-go zones for a relationship, but infidelity is not always the end.

Is it possible to find love again after an affair? Absolutely! Acclaimed sex therapist Esther Perel reports that infidelity can become an incredible turning point for a relationship, where couples can actually improve, grow deeper and repair the issues that were probably surfaced through the process of affair.

Trust takes time, commitment and consistency, but it is possible. With sex therapy we can support you to unpack an affair or betrayal, and support you to become stronger as a result. Don’t let your trauma derail you, let it be a lesson and a path to greater knowledge, stronger bonds, and resilience.


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