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The number one reason couples go to couple counselling...

Without a doubt, the number one complaint from couples seeking couple counselling is - the communication has broken down, or we just don't understand each other.

Communication is absolutely key to any ongoing relationship. If we aren't talking openly, respectfully and continually, we will not be able to have our needs met, navigate life challenges, and understand each other better.

Miscommunication, misunderstandings, and the feeling of 'not being heard' are common experiences for couples in distress. Couples often fall into a pattern of not talking, not expressing their true needs, or finding talking uncomfortable. Usually, one partner is the talker, and the other is the avoider. This dynamic can arise from our early experiences and comfort levels with open communication.

Through therapy we unpack these experiences and model effective communication during the session. You will be equipped with techniques to practice at home to re-establish healthy communication.

We can support you and your partner to find better communication practices. We apply techniques from Gottman & Gottman, leading researchers in couple interaction - to strengthen your ability to communicate with each other.

Imagine being able to speak your deep needs, be heard, and acknowledged. Imagine your partner opening up to you so you can finally understand their inner world. It's definitely possible. Let us show you how.


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