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My partner doesn’t satisfy my sexual needs

Are you feeling sexually unfulfilled in your relationship? It’s really difficult to be in a relationship with your soul mate who is perfect in every way, but the sex, just isn’t good. It’s so common for couples to attend counselling and say, everything else is great, it’s just our sex life.

Sex is a learned behaviour, we develop our understanding of what we like and don’t like over time, which often also changes at different point of our lives. For many couples, sex is a measure of the success of the relationship, it’s why they’re not friends, but partners. When their sex lives change, they assume that the relationship is in on the rocks. But sex is something we can adjust, we can explore, and often it’s also our own perceptions of sex that may need an adjustment.

You can support your partner to better understand your sexual needs. Perhaps you don’t know your own sexual needs and that requires further exploration. Are you communicating about sex? Great sex starts with safe, healthy conversations about sex. Learning about your differences, similarities and most importantly opportunities for great sex. In sex therapy we give you the tools to talk about sex in a way that creates a template for being able to do so on your own for the rest of your life.

In sex therapy we unpack why there are differences between your needs and interests sexually, and we support you to have the confidence to ask for what you like, or develop strategies that are mutually beneficial. If you’re suffering in silence, through sex therapy and couple counselling we can support you to enrich your sex life and start the conversation with your partner about improving your sex life.


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