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How to get your relationship back on track

Do you feel like you’ve drifted apart? It’s really common for relationships to fall off track, but it is possible to realign and feel like you’re on the same page again. In couples counselling we can support you to identify the areas that need improvement, and support you go get the tools to get there. Here are some things you can do to shift your relationship back to the way you were.

Remember what you love

When we fight, it’s easy to get hung up on all our partner’s bad traits. The worst of them comes out and the worst of us. We focus and sometimes fixate on the worst as if the good never happened at all. Take a step back to see the big picture. We know from the research into couples counselling, that couples who spend time appreciating each other, have better results in the long term.

Do what connected you in the first place

It sounds like a no-brainer right? But we can’t even count how many couples attend couples counselling saying that they’ve stopped doing the things they love with their partner – and wonder why they don’t have a connection anymore. Life gets busy, we forget to invest the same amount of time into our relationships as we once did – but yet we expect consistent relationship results. Find the time to do simple things that make you who you are as a couple. Reminding yourself who you both are, and how much you mean to each other is priceless.

Do small things often

Great relationships are built by small consistent positive steps toward each other. Those little moments that show you love someone = are the key to a good long-term marriage or partnership. One dream holiday to Hawaii together isn’t really worth a decade of being made your morning coffee, or being kissed at night. Those little things really count – again we know this based on the research into couples counselling and what works.

Now that we’ve shared some simple tips to improve your relationship – if you want the big advice, we suggest booking in for couples counselling or sex therapy.


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