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Foot fetish

A foot fetish is when a person becomes sexually aroused and sexually interested in feet or anything related to feet - such as arousal generated at the glimpse of a stiletto heel or a desire to be stomped on by several feet while naked or sexually engaged.

One study in 2001 reported that the prevalence of paraphilia or fetishism in the general population is around 5 – 30 % - but with increased awareness and acceptance of fetishism within cultures and society, the actual rates now may be even higher. Most people have some degree of fetishism, whether they ‘worship the booty’, or ‘love a dad bod’ or ‘adore strong hands’ – there are certain aspects of our sexual mates that we find highly arousing and seductive. To some people even an armpit can drive them wild. Incorporating these aspects of attraction into our sexual routines can create some great maps toward pleasure and orgasm.

Sexual arousal relating to specific objects or activities is called paraphilia, which can be both a completely harmless and pleasurable interest for many people, but at times can cause a person significant distress if the paraphilia is not adequately understood or is considered taboo by society.

Fetishism can become popularised and therefore more palatable for society, like the current trend of ‘booty worship’ for example, while other fetishes are marginalised despite being legal and consensual for those involved.

It’s completely individual as to how the person acquired a foot fetish. Scientists have several theories as to why people find feet or other body parts sexually exciting including; the connection between a positive experience with feet/the body part and the brain’s pleasure and reward system, early childhood associations with arousal and experiences relating to feet, and sensory theories exploring how general sensation can be connected to sexual sensation. A combination or one of these theories may be true for the person with the fetish, perhaps they saw an attractive woman in black high heels as a child and this generated pleasurable body sensations, or as an adult they witnessed a prospective love partner taking off their shoes and stockings and became aroused, or they had their feet tickled during a sexual encounter and climaxed.

Other theorists believe that foot fetishism can be linked to cultural and societal factors popularising certain feet related characteristics as markers of attractiveness, for example foot binding, or the classic stiletto high heel.

Feet can be used in as many ways as your imagination can create! As long as the touch is consensual between yourself and your partner/partners – you can be free to explore this body part using all your bodily sensations, touch, taste, scent, sight. Exploring new body parts, like feet, can lead to incredible discoveries in your own pleasure zones, and create new sensations and forge new experiences with your partner.

Any new sexual activity or interest should ideally be discussed before you jump into the bedroom feet first! Sex therapy can be a fabulous pathway to discussing kink and fetish with your partner.


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